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Our Coups de Coeur |

Summer Lovin’|

Salt in my Hair
Sand in between my toes…
Sun Kissed Skin
That’s how it goes…

The Magic Goes On |

Babies Are Living Dolls
With Dancing Smiles
That Come From The Stars To Still Our Hearts |
| Life is always better with a closet
full of tulle, glitter & frills

|The Steps to Fame|

| We are extremely proud and beyond excited to announce that our Tutu Dress has been featured in the May 2019 issue of the Child Couture Magazine. Many thanks and congratulations to the very talented photographer Jessica Thomas ! |
We had a vision of creating a unique look for our little ones, mixing colors and fabrics, accessorizing, overstepping the boundaries of a traditional style and unleashing our creativity. Now, we give you the reins: the creator is you, so have fun.
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