Stay home, save lives!

It’s not really about us, now is it? It’s about your little fashionistas, but we do have a story to tell…

We are two mothers, each having an older baby boy and a younger baby girl. We grew up together and always shared similarities, both being passionate about fashion design and beautiful things in general. We have always styled our youngster’s with the latest refined trends. Before we knew it, La-di-da Moda was created.

After spending the better half of 2017 working behind the scenes to launch this project for you, we are happy to introduce La-di-da Moda, an impeccable high-end selection of baby toddler clothing. We ensure that your little ones are dressed with finesse and in the height of style and comfort. After all, who said fashion is only for adults?

Our virtual boutique is based in Ottawa and we ship to Canada and the USA. We offer you exquisite quality products delivered to your door in a timely manner.

It all started with our vision of creating a unique look for our little ones, occasion after occasion, season after season; mixing colors and fabrics, accessorizing, overstepping the boundaries of a traditional style and unleashing our creativity! Now, we give you the reins: the creator is you, so have fun!

Skip the boring baby clothes and shop unique and trendy looks for your little one now!